Property Inspections

ACS Construction & Facilities Management provides a professional service to inspect the property and record the details about the property. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Property Inspections

ACS Construction & Facilities Management provide our clients with a complete property inspection service, culminating in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow report detailing all of our findings which will be provided to the landlord. This is beneficial for tenant, in that it provides peace of mind that the property is up to standard and for the landlord as we can assist you in informing you of issues or repairs such as broken fixtures, mould, electrical or appliance problems, etc.

Regular property inspections are vital for ensuring the property is up to standard, as we can flag any issues we come across before they have a chance to become larger problems. It also ensures the efficient, up-to-date information on inventory and highlights any damage or loss in the property if it has occurred.

Contact us to request a property inspection.

Comperhensive Property Inspections

As experienced property inspectors, ACS Construction & Facilities Management can provide a comprehensive property inspection service, providing a complete account on the condition of the property.

We make sure your property is been looked after

  • Check For Mould & Damp

  • Check For Leaks Or Damage

  • Make Sure No Sub Leasing

  • No Over Crowding

  • Landlords Furnishings

  • All Health & Safety Checks

  • Make Sure Property Is Fire Safety Compliant